YeonJoo Lee
Undergraduate Senior Show

Most people experience frustration, hold onto resentment, and dream of escape from their own harsh reality while carrying burdens on their shoulders. Even though all people live with different weights and sizes of burden, we all carry similar bags of worries and share similar destinies. These "fetters of life" are unavoidable. That is the way our lives work: through thick and thin, high and low.


I express the emotions that I get from interacting with the people around me. These emotions include the pressures from social expectations, the stress from constant daily conflicts among people, and the loneliness from the duplicity of people. I am inspired by common poses such as leaning, holding, stretching and kicking. The motions of the body create energetic lines. From these observations, I get ideas and compositions for my work and these ideas often take concrete shape of awkward or funny poses. The physical tension of these figures reference the psychological tension of our complex human relationships.